Prolotherapy is also known proliferative or regenerative injection therapy. The solution normally consists of 15-25% glucose and local anaesthetic. When this solution is injected into a painful or injured area it causes mild irritation and this instigates a healing response from the body. This involves increased blood flow to the area and can result in strengthening of ligaments. The clinic will often combine PRP or Orthokine injections with Prolotherapy. This is because often with osteoarthritis there is also pain and inflammation of ligaments and tendons that are near the joint. Treating these additional areas with Prolotherapy enhances the probability of successful treatment.

Prolotherapy procedure:

1. Painful areas or weak ligaments located and marked
2. Areas numbed with local anaesthetic
3. Prolotherapy performed
4. Repeat injections performed every 1-3 weeks
5. Anywhere from 2-6 treatments may be necessary depending on the area or level of

The treatment plan for all injuries is to treat cause and remove mechanical load from an injury if possible. Most injuries will respond to conservative treatment. If this treatment fails or is slow then PRP may be considered if appropriate for the patient.

The clinic specialises in safe delivery of injections. The clinic uses techniques that make most injections comfortable or tolerable.